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Inner - outer reality
14 May - 11 June 2022
open Thu-Sun 14-18

Entropy is a term from physics and chemistry that describes the temporal direction of the material world to increased chaos, Chaos. An example of this is when heating changes water from solid to liquid and from liquid to vapor, a process in a timeline where the disordered water molecule increases with increasing temperature. Chaos is the natural process of existence, a law, which man wants to keep up with using methods that make sense to him. Beauty, Aesthetic, whatever it is to us, has an attraction like gravity, it attracts and fixes attention. Beauty brings order to the chaos of thoughts and feelings, stops time. It is not necessarily an ideal situation, but a solid ballast and power source before chaos, often fruitful and inspiring, moves back over existence. Symmetry, symmetry in my works is when the inner and outer worlds momentarily reach some kind of balance, Equilibrium. Symmetria is not necessarily a visual phenomenon, so a map of territory and the experience of the place that the map shows can be seen as a form of symmetry of the inner and outer world. Balance in one area can create imbalance in other processes. For example, it would be bad for humanity if the concentration of carbon dioxide in the surrounding atmosphere was the same as it is in the air we breathe. However, no one will experience that symmetry, because long before the outer world would take decisive expansions that would exclude all life due to the consequences of the rising temperature of the Earth, Chaos. 

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