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Erna Mist

Erna Mist (b. 1998 in Reykjavík) is a painter and columnist who paints on canvas and writes for magazines. Despite her young age, her works have been exhibited in London, Milan and Reykjavík and have been sold in seventeen countries on three continents. Erna lives in both Reykjavík and London, but aims to graduate from The Slade School of Fine Art in the spring of 2023. Næturveröld is her first solo exhibition in Iceland.

In this country, Erna has received attention for her philosophical columns in Morgunblaðin and Ví, where she writes about our relationship with technology, our relationship with society, our relationship with others, our relationship with ourselves and how these relationships affect each other. For Erna, paintings and texts are not separate phenomena, but two methods to capture the same feelings. 

Erna mist ljósmynd.jpeg
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