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Portfolio gallery is an exhibition venue that focuses on diverse and provocative art. The gallery has artists who are strongly connected to the subjects that are in the crucible of contemporary art. It applies to both the older artists who are there and the younger ones who are starting to make their way into the scene of Icelandic art. Portfolio gallery goes against old norms, trends and trends. As a result, there is a turbulent melting pot of the different ideas and methods that characterizes contemporary art and is often equated with what is called postmodernism. Here, open thinking is guided by all the unforeseen possibilities that free but self-critical visual art has to offer, whether there are old methods used in a conscious way with all their clear shots and references or the novelty is in the forefront with its desire for breaking up or even destruction the tradition and the values it has. An exceptionally fresh tone floats over the waters at Portfolio gallery, where there is always something interesting on offer for art lovers of fun and challenging art.

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