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Jakob Veigar Sigurðsson

02 July -06. August 2022

Jakob Veigar is a construction technician by training, but started studying art in 2011 after turning the page and leaving the construction sector. He graduated from the Iceland Academy of the Arts with a BA degree in 2016 and from the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna  as "Herr Magister" in 2019. Jakob works in Vienna, where he lives. His main medium is painting, where the act of putting paint on canvas has been held in high esteem, but he has also been working with other media such as  video, textiles and sound. Jakob uses connections with nature and chaos to examine society, but recently he has spent time in Iran and India, where he visited artists and artisans among nomads in order to experience architecture, craft traditions and ways of life, which he then uses in his own artistic creation.

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