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‘Tóra’ is an exhibition divided into two parts. On the one hand, Sigurbjörnsson is interested in the weather as a kind of incarnation of space. There is a play of light and shadow that breaks when the energy of the ever-changing weather collides with the bones and skin of the earth and sea. They disappear together into a turbulent skin cover or separate into colour sharpness. It becomes the embodiment of weather and land.

On the other hand, works with erotic nuances are presented with luxurious materials and bold use of color.

What connects the series is a center or a kind of hole where the substantial brushstrokes dance around. This middle has a reference to light, an opening or a hole in the mass of clouds that sometimes surrounds Snæfellsjökull. At this location it is said that there is a tóra over a glacier and people can read the weather from it. Tóra is therefore the opening that occurs in the incarnated sky above a summit so that reading can take place in the flesh of the world.

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