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Anna Hallin

04 - 26 MARCH 2023

Anna Hallin and Olga Bergmann have lived and worked together most of their adult years. They have also been busy showing us into new worlds for a long time. Their exhibitions, whether they work together or individually, are somewhat of a story where we can lose ourselves in the adventure for a while and see existence in a different light.

At Anna and Olga's exhibition in Portfolio, they bring us messages from the other dimension that came to them during covid. There is a whole delegation of clay figures by Anna who have a lot to say and have an interpreter with them who is silent - we need to lend them a voice ourselves. In the suitcase, the committee has Olga's wooden sculptures that clarify a new worldview where the outside mirrors the inside and the planets and moon dance their eternal but unspoken tango. Anna also provides drawings that are guides, a kind of map, but as with the delegation's message, we have to figure it out ourselves.

That's how Olga´s and Anna's exhibitions are presented. They reveal to us a fascinating – and sometimes threatening – world of adventure, full of stories that we have to tell ourselves. In this way, they reflect the reality of all of us: No one can teach us how to live, but if we listen and pay attention to life, maybe we can learn something.

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